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Otis Kane With His Sooting Track "Fight For You"

Introducing upcoming artist Otis Kane Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Anthony Vasquez who writes and records as Otis Kane found a passion for music at a very young age. His football coach at the time had ties to the music industry, which led to his first recording studio experience. From then on, Vasquez knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music. He went on to spend one year in school as a music major, but left after he was given the opportunity to work for music legend Nelle Hooper (Soul II Soul, Bjork, No Doubt). He worked and traveled with Nelle for a little over a year before he was offered the position of MD/keyboard player for Capitol Records artist Lolene, touring with Lolene for a year and securing his first major label production on her record. After touring, Otis opened a studio in Los Angeles called STRZ Enterprises. STRZ became a hot spot in Hollywood graced with superstars before he eventually left to pursue his own artist journey. Following the release of his newest single "Fight For You" he projects a very soothing sound that will certainly captivate your sound. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto soft and luscious vocals he provides a very sentimental side throughout this track. To explain the track further it's about dedicating the record to letting his love know that he’ll always be there, through hell and high water and despite how much they may find themselves at odds. The soothing track is tied up with a figurative bow as an impressively expressive guitar solo leads you out and his haunting vocals slowly fade away. It perfectly encapsulates the love and yearning that still exists in any hard relationship. It's truly a beautiful track to enjoy during a day at the beach or a late night drive. Go stream "Fight For You" and check out his other great tracks.






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