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Otis Fonde` - "Yachtzee"

Introducing Otis Fonde`, a fresh voice in the scene with his new single "Yachtzee."We think the track is a chill vibe that's got its roots deep in the 804, where life's a bit slower, but the dreams are just as big. Otis isn't your average guy we think. When others were glued to screens, he was grinding, making beats, spitting bars, all self-taught. Think of a kid with a dream, in a room filled with the spirit of his DJ dad, creating magic, we think that's inspiring. Now on the track, It's like a cool breeze on a hot day. It's got that Nipsey Hussle kind of raw, real talk, mixed with the laid-back, introspective vibe of Mac Miller. The production is filled with smooth pads that flow like water, setting a backdrop that's just pure, easy listening. Otis Fonde` is more than just a rapper we think, he's a storyteller painting pictures with his words, and that's not something you hear every day we think. Listen below to see what we mean.


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