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Ose - "First Matter"

London-based artist Ose's latest release, "First Matter," is an experimental electronic track that takes listeners on a journey through material and spiritual transformation. The track is the first single from Ose's new series, and it features a unique blend of driving IDM beats, lush synthscapes, glistening arpeggios, and swooping bass.

Ose's music has a cosmic, emotive, and highly kinetic quality that sets it apart from other experimental electronic artists. His focus on melody, atmosphere, and emotional depth is evident in "First Matter," which features a range of production flourishes that create a rich and textured sonic landscape.

Listeners who enjoy the work of Minor Science, Clark, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Avalon Emerson, Lord of the Isles, and Moderat are likely to appreciate Ose's sound. The Liverpool-born, London-based producer has been featured on Resident Advisor, NTS, and BBC 6 Music, and he has collaborated with diverse figures such as Harold Grosskopf and Iain Sinclair.

"First Matter" is an energetic and epic track that showcases Ose's talent for creating intense ambient soundscapes and experimental electronica. Its blend of cosmic sounds and driving beats make it an exciting addition to any electronic music collection.


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