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Orange A Boom - "Mortar"

Introducing Orange A Boom with "Mortar". A musician from Northern California. This instrumental track stands out with its blend of aggressiveness and a chill believe it or not. Mostly on the drum side its harder, and on the sounds themselves its more so relaxed. The single, crafted by a seasoned touring bassist who has transitioned into the realm of production, "Mortar" delivers an armor-plated sound that's both hypnotic and innovative. The foundation of this track is built on a robust hip-hop beat, layered with a melodic interplay of synthesizers, really all combining to create a soundscape that is as experimental as it is accessible. The track really is an auditory exploration that kind of resonates with the boldness of a brand new project, and starting something new, bringing a refreshing perspective to the experimental electronic scene. Listen below now.


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