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Onlybino! Introdcuing His Upbeat Track "Quickly!"

Upcoming artist Onlybino is a hip-hop artist born in Jamaica but raised in Broward County, Florida. From a young age, he taught himself how to sing and make music which quickly boosted the start of his career in 2019. Within the past year, his innate ability to create memorable lyrics and catchy hooks over a variety of hip-hop/ R&B beats has quickly landed him in the spotlight of underground music. Working on different release for all his listeners to enjoy, he has now captivated us with his newest single "Quickly!". Beginning the track with a upbeat sound leading onto his bold and loud vocals you surly will be intrigued. Explaining the track further it's about just having that fun lifestyle and having that flow of just getting money and doing what you like. To the production and the vocals he holds a grasp to the track entirely. The song would be just right for a late night drive or hanging out with a group of friends just jamming out. The energetic this track projects will definitely having you up your feet just letting the music fill your ears. With it's catchy melody and booming sound one listen just wouldn't be enough. Go stream "Quickly!" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks for any occasion.