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Online Counter Psyops - "The First Day of Spring"

Introducing "The First Day of Spring" by Online Counter Psyops, a standout track from their new album "Hello, Hello Are You Still There?" This song, encapsulating the essence of Hip-Hop and Conscious Hip-Hop with a twist of Alternative Hip-Hop, is a creation of the dynamic duo E. Grizzly and Marko Level, in collaboration with the A-HA Network.

"The First Day of Spring" gives us lofi vibes on the beat side but really radiates happy, chill, and epic moods, perfectly capturing the spirit of a fresh start and new beginnings. E. Grizzly and Marko Level, known for their experimental approach to music, return to their hip-hop roots while seamlessly blending elements of trap, bass, and EDM into this latest project. The track represents a significant part of their journey back to the core of hip-hop, enriched with modern sounds and styles. The album "Hello, Hello Are You Still There?" is a concept project that goes beyond music. E. Grizzly's vision for Online Counter Psyops is to offer alternative perspectives in a digital world often clouded by depression, low self-esteem, and inauthentic content. This track and the album as a whole aim to promote values like dignity, confidence, gratefulness, and honesty, qualities E. Grizzly feels are lacking in today's social media landscape. We think the single is a message from what E. Grizzly describes as "an underground radio signal from some other dimension in the future." It's about promoting ideas of integrity and authenticity, standing as a beacon of hope and positivity in a world that often seems devoid of these values. Listen to see what we mean...


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