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Ones Introducing His Amazing Track With "gratitude always"

Upcoming artist Ones is an amazing producer located in London, slowly working up towards his perfected craft, he has indulged his audience with an amazing track with "gratitude always" it's a very different concept what makes this track something to really listen too. It's a almost 18 min long track but what's so special about it, is the conversations he has within the track explaining the broken relationships that sometimes happens within our lives, Gratitude Always is a project which explores the relationship between ones parents as they express their struggles caused by the break down of their relationship, as well as their family over 15 years ago. This is the first time they've openly spoken about it, and ones created this project around those conversations using samples as his voice to reflect what his parents speak about. It's surely one captivating track that anyone would be able to enjoy it's truly filled with great tracks from artists you might have heard from before as well as voice mails of his parents. It different, unique and outstanding hearing the end result of this track. Go stream "gratitude always" and be on the look out for new tracks!





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