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One who May Ascend (OMA) - "I Sold My Soul"

Dive into the structure or thought of societal paradoxes with "I Sold My Soul," a hauntingly powerful track by One who May Ascend (OMA). This horrorcore/trap metal masterpiece is unique is all we can say, on the edge of rap and rock, expertly weaving the two worlds into an intoxicating sound.

Released under the rap genre with a distinct inclination towards horrorcore and trap metal, the mood of the track is unapologetically dark yet bursting with energy. OMA takes you on a whirlwind tour of the inner conflicts and existential crises that haunt the human psyche, doing so over a heady mix of hard beats, booming bass, and piercing vocals. The track features an arresting juxtaposition of louder main vocals and softer, sort of wet feeling background vocals, creating an eerie soundscape that further amplifies its dark aura we think. Listen below now.


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