Oliver Heimach with his Disco/Funk track "Fuzzy"

Oliver Heimach makes playful pop music in Brooklyn. As a product of the mid-80's Midwest, Oliver blends 90's bus-ride-pop-rock sensibilities with fresh 70's grooves. His upcoming 2020 single "Fuzzy" and his 2018 release "Golden Hour" both speak to these influences as fun, poppy, sorta-ironic-indie-disco bops full of falsetto vocals. It's almost reminiscent to Prince. Fuzzy is a feel-good retro-groove about falling in love on the dance floor. Fuzzy was recorded from home(s) in May & June 2020 in L.A., NYC, and Brazil. Recording and living in the world of this song absolutely saved me this spring/early summer. Making it gave me hope that we will get back to a place where people can come together in bars, roller rinks, theaters, ballparks, and venues and sing/dance/cheer/make mistakes and maybe even fall in love together again. What's with the baseball get-up in the album art? He tells us "My uncle Billy Heimach played Minor-league baseball for the Giants organization in the late 70s-early 80s - the same 'timeframe' of the sound of "Fuzzy" - and from the moment I wrote this song, I saw the art as a retro baseball card. That's his actual jersey & hat in the photo, along with some huge Ray Bans from the same era." Listen to the funky track now!