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OFLO Introducing An Amazing Track With "Sorry!"

OFLO returns to our page once again with a capturing track named "Sorry!". OFLO is a singer, songwriter and producer, originally from San Francisco, California. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, OFLO relocated to New York City, and has been performing throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, actively songwriting, and continuing to develop her musical craft. Since the release of her EP "Thank You" in 2018, OFLO has released several new singles and music videos, and is currently in the process of creating her first fully self-produced album by the end of 2020. Following her newest release "Sorry" it's truly one capturing track. Anyone listening would definitely be able to relate to this track, everyone has gone through relationship struggles at some point and you find ways on how to fix things. Starting the track with a slow but yet groovy beat leading onto her soft and luscious vocals. To further explain this song a bit further it's ironic in the sense that it's an apology for someone else's behavior and short-comings. It's emotionally charged and layered with vocal harmonies over a relatively simple musical track. It surely one lovely track to check out and also be on the look out for a music video for this track soon which is set to release on 10/19!






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