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Nxtime Introducing A Groovy Track With "A Boy Named Johnny Gates"

Introducing an upcoming band Nxtime is a band based out of New York City. Comprised of Ray Rubio, a singer/songwriter, and producer from Harlem who previously played in the indie band All Types of Kinds, and Nate Thompson, a guitarist/producer from Nothern Colorado who played in several projects in his local music scene while studying at CU Boulder. The two are back by Imhotep Williams, A drummer from the Bronx, and a rotating lineup of other local musicians. This duo met through the New York City rock climbing community, then started writing together during recording sessions in Ray's bedroom studio. They deliver upbeat, danceable rhythms and modern yet nostalgic melodies.

Following their newest release with "A Boy Named Johnny Gates" they project such a fun and groovy track that anyone would surely enjoy. Starting the track with a groovy and funky beat leading onto his loud and captivating vocals. This song will definitely get you moving and having a blast especially if your with friends jamming to this. This track is about moving on and just getting away from someone you once thought you had love for. Breaking free and trying to see what you can do alone, sometimes it gets difficult but you can conquer. It's an interesting track and telling one too. Go stream "A Boy Named Johnny Gates" and go check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.


Instagram: nxtimemusic

Spotify: nxtime


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