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Nu-Ma Introducing His Dreamy Track With "These Walls"

Nu-Ma is the project of Michele, an Italian-born London-based artist. Growing up in Bari, an historical city in southern Italy, and moving to the dynamic London at the age of 19, Michele’s music is influenced by different environments. Writing, performing, producing and mixing the songs on his own, Nu-Ma is a gate into Michele’s mind, and his distinct voice invites the listener to enter it.Inspired by artists such as Phoenix, Tame Impala, The Doors, Lewis Del Mar and Bob Marley, his music brings together pop and captivating elements of blues, rock, hip-hop and soul. Following the release of his newest track "These Walls" he introduces a very dreamy track that it's just intoxicating to the ear. Beginning the track with a soothing beat leading onto his luscious and sweet vocals he projects a very peaceful atmosphere throughout the track.

To explain the track a bit further it's about every human that stumbles upon the search for the meaning of life and their place in the world with the following lyrics (‘Waiting in between, uncertain as it seems, wondering where you belong’). This uncertainty is a universal human condition, but isn't the inevitability of life a certainty in itself? Those people 'wandering around' and 'wondering about' the meaning of life are represented by ‘These Walls’ through the inner thoughts of a young person who is becoming an adult. They will need to accept that life has no pre-determined meaning and they will have to live with it, without wasting too much time on something that cannot be reached. (‘But there’s nothing you can do, we’re swimmers in the blue, we’ll never know the truth’). This track would sit just perfectly for a day at the beach or on a late night drive. Go stream "These Walls"