NQH (Brydon & Broughton) - Next Friday

NQH is a duo consisting of a new artist on our radar, Brydon with artist Broughton who we've spoken about a lot recently. The act is from the U.K. The song consists of bars back to back, and this is the first single I've heard of Broughton in a group, it's pretty exciting. The first half of the track is Brydon with the crystal clear vocals and mix, with Broughton coming in soon around the half way mark. The track gets you moving and head bobbing as Broughton tracks do, along with his signature adlib. The cover art is resembling to the movie cover of the Friday series made by Ice Cube and also mentioning some lines that get you thinking of the movies. Brydon comes back in with the hook to solidify the track, simply NQH is a must listen, make sure to listen to Next Friday now!

"It's Friday, and we ain't got shit to do, so lets get high today, until we hit the roof."



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