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Norvmbega - "Konflux"

Introducing Norvmbega with, "Konflux." Different than what we usually cover, This instrumental track, categorized as Experimental Electronic with elements of World Music and Neo/Modern Classical, will transport you to a vivid tapestry of a subway platform. It's the second single from Norvmbega's highly anticipated album, "MONS MORO."

"Konflux" is an enchanting blend of space, time, and boundless possibilities. It weaves together the talents of classical musicians from Europe and North America, seamlessly fusing kora, saxophone, trombone, and sousaphone with modern found sounds. The result is an indie classical, cinematic soundscape that is entirely unique to Norvmbega's musical vision.

As you immerse yourself in this symphony of shared expression, you'll be captivated by the sheer energy and experimental nature of the composition. The track exudes a sense of joy, as if it taps into something larger than life—the essence of transcendent connection.

Norvmbega, the brainchild of Jono Hill from Brooklyn and Jon Hansen from Zürich, is more than just a musical project. It's a pursuit of timeless and novel music inspired by the notion of a mythical land lying beyond the mountains, interwoven with larger-than-life family stories. Listen now.


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