Nomad Fox - "23"

Introducing Nomad Fox, Nomad Fox is a multi-talented rapper, producer, and graphic designer from Flint, MI that strives to change the world with his music and talents. Spending most of his upbringing on his own, from his youth he always found himself fascinated with the arts, having a strong desire to learn new things and create. He started producing music at 15 and started rapping by 18, and even before that he taught himself how to animate, edit videos, draw, and more. The latest single "23" is a hard one but grasps us and makes us want to get up and get absolutely crazy, we mean bonkers. We imagine being out late at night with our peers just enjoying the night and slipping this song on while in the car just enjoying life and being free. Nomad Fox has a lyrical talent and the ability to glide on this hard instrumental, listen below.


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