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!Noj - baby sunset

Outstanding artist !Noj is an artist from the Netherlands and based in Grindelwald, Switzerland. He creates a great variation of sounds from ambient lush, to laidback lo-fi. !Noj started making music with an app called 'Music Maker Jam', but quickly found his way to FL Studio where he began developing his abilities and skills. With almost 4 years of music making experience he is making name little by little in the music industry. !Noj worked with different artists like ; CrazyJaZz, Sless Praismo, Ozelot, Lito Akari, dizzkant and more. !Noj's first editorial experience was with his collabed track Jazz Survives, together with CrazyJaZz and was featured on Jazz Vibes. With many more tracks to come, !Noj will keep tickling those ears of the eager fans and listeners. With the release of his newest single "baby sunset", he projects a fascinating sound that will certainly grasp your attention. Beginning with nostalgic instrumentation leading onto a smooth laid- back-feeling sound he completes the track fully. I personally love lofi tracks like these bringing out that classical jazz sound is what makes this song come to life. It would be just great for a walk down the park or a day out on the beach. Go stream "baby sunset" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing music.


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