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Noah Solomon Introduces A Beautiful Track With "Rewind Again"

Introducing upcoming artist Noah Solomon who's a singer/songwriter from Minnesota's Twin Cities. At a young age, Solomon was heavily inspired by a variety of artists such as Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Whitney, Lincoln Park, and Jay Z. Further along in life, inspiration from artists like Tracy Chapman, Dermott Kennedy, and James Arthur took hold. Solomon describes his sound and style as mellow-pop laced with breathy tones of R&B. Following his newest release "Rewind Again" he projects a nostalgic feel throughout his track. Starting the track with a melodic beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals. It projects such a calming mood that anyone would be able to enjoy. It has a very conveying feeling to it with the production and vocals it grasps your attention. To explain in depth "Rewind Again" is about evoking past moments that we struggle to let slip away. Moments that rewind 'over n over' again in our brains like a tape. Both the listener and the artist get to call out to our people of interest and ask if they're holding on to anything as well, one final move that hopefully would bring relief even if nothing fruitful emerges. It's truly a beautiful track that anyone would be able to love and really relate to. Go stream "Rewind Again".



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