No Hook By Tiien (Prod. Impala Drummerz)

No Hook by Tiien

By: Lydia Butler

The extraordinary artist Tiien is an Atlanta-based artist, He wrote this wicked track in March 2019, but he has recently dropped it on his sound cloud it's called "No Hook". Tiien always grabs his audience's attention with his intriguing style and flow in every song he releases, his music always leaves you wanting more! Along with his amazing lyrical flow he also produces his own beat sometimes, he also has a very natural voice for rapping which is one of the reasons why his tracks are so extraordinary, it's a very special power to hold and more people should appreciate it!

The track "No Hook" really hypes you up with its popping beat, definitely a song you listen to give yourself a good bit of energy. When you listen to this track you can assume what the tracks about, but if you really listen to Tiiens lyrics you can hear his emotion and anger which is what really gives the track its hype up/intense style, he goes really hard on this track and if he was getting a point across to anyone he did it! This tracks lyrics hit your ear drums like tiny little punches, the lyrics and the beat flow together perfectly and his flow is so smooth it sounds like he's been doing this for years! Tiiens did such a fantastic job on this track I cannot express it enough this guy definitely knows what he's doing in the rap game!

Overall Tiiens is truly a phenomenal artist, from producing some of his own beats to coming up with lyrics that flow perfectly along with the beats whether they're his own or not, like I mentioned above this guy definitely knows what he's doing and I myself will be listening to Tiien for as long as he's around and I hope to see him go further in the music industry, I highly recommend that you check him out and see for your self how talented this guy is!


SoundCloud - Tiien (@midTiien)

Twitter - @midTiien

Instagram - @midtiien

Spotify - @Tiien

Apple Music - @Tiien


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