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Nicole Santana - "Magic"

New Jersey native, Nicole Santana, is a product of her experiences; writing and singing about love, self-care, heartbreak, growth and self-awareness. Heavily influenced by artists like H.E.R, Donna Missal, SZA and Hayley Williams, Nicole is focusing on developing herself as an artist as well as honing in on her R&B/Neo-Soul inspired vocals. The singer does an amazing job at making the listener feel like they are simply engulfed inside of a dream, just stuck. When it comes down to the soft vocals, she can control it! She does a splendid job floating on the instrumental that feels oh so relaxing as well and fits perfecctly with her tone of voice. We absolutely love lofi music, when it's actually more complicated than one would think. Lofi has Jazz involved with 90's feeling drums as well. It takes a lot to make it work, and Nicole Santana does so. Listen below, we hope to hear more from her ourselves.


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