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Nicknames - "Go Big or Go Home"

Nicknames is a DMV based artist with a new single and visual for "Go Big or Go Home". The self-produced song is a bass-driven pop-rock record with lyrics and visuals inspired by the film, Uncut Gems. The music video was shot in Brooklyn and features Ajohntaé, who plays a role similar to Adam Sandler's character in the movie. Nicknames' lyrics reflect the noir plotline of the film, with the chorus stating, "I swear on my life, but it's go big or go home // and imma risk my life, the thrill makes it worth it all." The single further reimagines the movie by recreating a scene from Uncut Gems for the single's Instagram announcement. Despite the song's upbeat drive, the lyrics reveal the risk and danger associated with a high-stakes lifestyle. With his innovative approach to pop-rock music and compelling lyrics, Nicknames is an artist to watch in 2022.


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