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Nick Throop - "Eons"

Introducing Brooklyn-based synthwave artist, Nick Throop, as he takes you on a sonic adventure with his electrifying track, "Eons." This electro-pop dance anthem pulses with a pulsating beat and features a strong and thick vocal that demands attention.

In "Eons," Throop delves into the theme of unhappiness in the current world, yearning for a fresh start in a realm of endless possibilities. The song's lyrics paint a vivid picture of the desire to escape and break free from the constraints of the present, igniting a powerful sense of longing and ambition.

The fusion of electro-pop, dance-pop, and synthwave elements creates a dynamic and aggressive sound that will have you dancing and feeling invincible. The pulsating beat propels the track forward, while Throop's commanding vocal delivery adds an extra layer of intensity and emotion to the mix.

As a synthwave artist, Nick Throop embodies the essence of retro-futurism, crafting a sound that combines nostalgic elements with contemporary energy. "Eons" showcases his ability to transport listeners to a different time and space, where dreams of boundless potential come alive.


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