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Nick Carver & the Mean Street Butchers - "I Need To Feel"

Welcoming Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers, the regional Victorian rock and psychedelic blues outfit, are back with a gritty and intense new release titled 'I Need To Feel.' Someting different for sure than usual on this blog. This alternative rock anthem takes the band in a new sonic direction, departing from their previous alt-country/blues sound. Filled with foot-stomping rhythms, fuzz-driven guitar riffs, and an electrifying intensity, the track showcases their evolution as musicians and their commitment to pushing boundaries.

Following the success of their sophomore album 'ANIMALS' released last year, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers continue to carve their own unique path in the music scene. Combining rough-edged rock with psychedelic-swamp blues, they have been winning over audiences with their soulful and bluesy sound. However, 'I Need To Feel' marks a departure from their established style, as they fully embrace a raw and gritty rock feel.

From the very beginning of the song, listeners are drawn into its energy and power. The foot-stomping rhythm in the 3/4 time signature sets a captivating pace, while the fuzz-driven guitar riffs add an extra layer of intensity. Nick Carver's husky vocals lead the way, conveying a sense of emotion and drive that resonates with the listener. Adding to the track's allure, Trudie Potter's smooth vocal tones complement Carver's performance, further enhancing the sonic landscape. Listen below now.


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