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Nick Andre - "Blur the Lines"

Introducing "Blur the Lines," the captivating lead single from the musical collaboration of Bay Area-based talents, singer/songwriter Joyo Velarde and producer Nick Andre. Released by Bastard Jazz Recordings, this track is a gateway into their debut EP "Fever Dream", releasing in 2024.

Nick Andre, a notable figure in the San Francisco music scene and co-founder of Slept On Records, has an impressive roster of collaborations, having worked with artists from Gift Of Gab to Hanni El Khatib. In "Blur the Lines," his expertise shines through with a synth-bass and Rhodes-driven production that creates a mesmerizing backdrop, perfectly complementing Velarde's lush and controlled vocals we think personally. It's a neo-soul journey that embraces sexy and chill moods, ideal for late-night city drives or as the last song of the night. "Fever Dream EP" marks the first collaborative project between Nick Andre and Joyo Velarde. Fans of the legendary Bay Area label Quannum Projects will immediately recognize the distinct styles of both artists. Their connection, first sparked by Gift of Gab, blossomed in the studio, leading to the creation of this EP. The instrumental might be dark, but it's the controlled vibrato in Velarde's vocals that truly brings "Blur the Lines" to life. Listen now and get immersed in this neo-soul masterpiece.


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