Newfame drops new track, Sleazo Freestyle prod. by Apollo young


Sleazo Freestyle is the latest track by Triangle, Virginia-based artist Newfame Liftedblues, the track features a both braggadocious and aggressive Newfame — where he rides an eerie, haunting beat produced by Apollo Young. The almost two minute long track curates the perfect mix of both aggressive, and dark soundcloud-style production over Newfame’s freestyle as he floats over Apollo’s beat about getting his money longer and the lifestyle that comes with it.

The track starts off with Apollo’s sinister sounding synths, followed by the ominous laughing in the background and Newfame’s ad libbing in the distance, as it builds up shortly before the beat drop — building a tone of impending doom right before the distorted 808s and kicks hit you right in the face, followed by Newfame jumping on shortly after and hitting us with straight heat as he graciously floats over the 808s giving us a look of what’s to come throughout the track.

From, “Fuck her good then I leave, now she emo,” to “Bitch shut the fuck up i’m schemin, step out the coupe — i’m leanin, she want my kid but she swallow my semen,” Newfame hits bar after bar over Apollo’s aggressive 808s with his whispered “ayes” in the background. The track closes out as Newfame silently adlibs, shortly before cutting back to Apollo’s ghostly synths, from where we found ourselves in the beginning.

The track’s album art features a group of what looks to be people throwing a pile of chairs into what appears to be a burning pit — and this is exactly the best way to visually describe the track, straight fire.

Be sure to check out Newfame Liftedblue’s latest project, Astral Projection.


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