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Nevada System - "Eastern Sunrise" (Into The Ether Remix) (Remix by Into The Ether )

Prepare to be transported into a realm of sublime musical fusion as NevadaSYSTEM and Into the Ether join forces in the official remix of "Eastern Sunrise". This collaboration between the British DJ and producer Into the Ether, renowned for his works on Immersed, Purified, and Monstercat, and the emerging Canadian talent NevadaSYSTEM, known for hits on Blanco y Negro and Vasa, yields an emotive masterpiece that's bound to captivate.

The remix casts a spell with its seamless blend of deep and progressive house, creating a sonic landscape that's not only chill and happy but also epic in its scope. Building on the foundation of the 2022 breakout original by NevadaSYSTEM, this reimagined version is an exploration of euphoric melodies and a gently propulsive bassline that pulses through the listener's soul.

Into the Ether's touch infuses "Eastern Sunrise" with a captivating mix of pensive synths, celestial vocals, and atmospheric elements. This dynamic fusion generates a melodic energy that's as emotionally resonant as it is rhythmically engaging. Originally a club sensation with millions of streams, NevadaSYSTEM's 2022 release of "Eastern Sunrise" has now metamorphosed into an even more enchanting entity thanks to this collaboration.

Both artists' musical identities shine through: Into the Ether's knack for immersive soundscapes and NevadaSYSTEM's mastery of the melodic and progressive realms. With roots in DFW and NYC, NevadaSYSTEM's versatility encompasses the organic and trance spheres, leaving no doubt that this collaboration is a testament to the power of cross-genre musical synergy. So, whether you're a fan of deep house, progressive house, or simply in search of an emotive musical journey, this remix of "Eastern Sunrise" will undoubtedly fulfill your sonic cravings. Listen now!


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