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neek x saro Introduce A Capturing Track With "limitations"

Upcoming artist's neek and Saro team up to introduce an intoxicating track with "limitations". neek is an artist, producer, and vocalist whose home-recorded electronic soundscape-pop serves as a self-reflective exploration of the strength found in vulnerability. As well having featured Saro who's a Los Angeles native who projects masterful pop-noir takes you on a genre-bending journey that cuts deep to the heart but is simultaneously elegant and alluring. His signature, soaring falsetto, rides atop brooding synths and unique instrumentation that goes from downtempo alt/R&B to electronic, orchestral works that strike a gracefully, cinematic tone. Following the release of their newest single "Limitations"

they take things into a more experimental side and just truly gauges an interesting sound that would just grasp your ears. Starting the track with a pop infused sound leading onto their loud and sweet vocals. This track will take you through a trip of just nostalgic sounds that with every second that goes by you will become even more intrigued. To explain this track further it's about have no barriers and just having no limitation, it's wanting to be with someone and not knowing what to come but you continue to do whatever it takes to get to that certain person. It's definitely a perfect song to listen too on a late night drive or just wanting to jam out literally anywhere, it's truly an intriguing track that'll get you up your feet and feel the music. Go Stream "limitations".










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