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Neak - "God's Vision" Feat. Add-2 & Elisa Latrice

Neak is a Chicago-based hip-hop artist with influences that include Nas, Mos Def, Common, Lupe Fiasco, MF Doom, Elzhi, and Jay-Z. He draws inspiration from both his personal experiences and the spirit of U.S. culture to create vivid verbal portraits. Neak's music embodies the aesthetics of true-to-life rap, with authenticity, originality, and excellence at the forefront. "God's Vision," a collaboration with Chicago MC Add-2 and soulstress Elisa Latrice, is an energetic and epic track that emphasizes the importance of being led by something higher than oneself. The song is produced by Chicago-based producer/artist Rashid Hadee. Neak's father, Robert Kelly of the R&B/Gospel/Soul group "The Kelly Brothers," performed alongside Funk & Soul legends like James Brown & Sam Cooke.


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