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NAYAD - "Can I Believe you?"

Introducing Nayad today with the latest single "Can I Believe you?" Moving freely above genres, occasionally diving into one or another Stockholm duo 'NAYAD' has been releasing music in both Swedish and English since March 2020. Encouraged by the good reception following the debut single "Ingen vet", the band went back to Studio Bernadotte and together with producer-duo Swedish Red Elephant (members of I Don't Speak French and Stranded Mermaid ) recorded the "Don't be mad if I don't come along". Since its release "Don't be mad if I don't come along" has been featured in Indie Shuffle and Swedish National Radio among others, and a music video premiered in August same year. The single begins in an absolutely amazing way with the luscious pad and amazing kick, snare combination. Over time the single begins to grow and we hear the artists flexibility in her vocals expand more. Listen below.


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