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Nausicaa - "Death of a Memory"

Welcoming back Nausicaa with "Death of a Memory". The Melbourne-based Ethereal duo Nausicaa has unveiled their latest single 'Death of a Memory,' a track that seems to transcend reality, guiding the listener through a dreamlike journey we think. Released on November 1st, 2023, the single is accompanied by a music video that visually echoes the song's ethereal quality, respectfully reminding us of an elf or something mystical.

'Death of a Memory' showcases Nausicaa's shift towards a warmer, synth-based sound landscape. Fans of The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’, Grouper with "Invincible", and the Cocteau Twins will find real relaxation in the track's nostalgic yet innovative approach to alternative rock. This expansion into synth-rich territories has allowed the duo to explore new sonic dimensions while staying true to their usual, night music-esque ethos.

The track is deliberate and contemplative here, really honing in to that dreamy, almost fairy-like delivery. Listen below now.


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