naked Swan. - "Hosmer"

From Japan, Combining EDM with rap trap sounding drums, I'm usually not into edm that has too much elements of dub step or trap, but this producer artist combines fresh elements of everything into this piece. naked Swan. came to us with his latest single "Hosmer" which fit with me because he added hip hop sounds into this that I haven't heard in other edm tracks like this. It's a dark track, that starts cinematic-like, coming into a sample of someone saying they're sipping on the pharmaceutical drug made by the company actavis, "lean". We don't condone that! But nonetheless it's a song that makes you want a creep out in the night and do hood-rat things with your peers. If you're not into that, then i'm sure you'll be able to see naked Swan. at a set some day while you're in the crowd jamming to his cinematic music, take a listen.