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Nait Saves - "The Avatars"

Sofía Lecuona Pugno, also known as Nait Saves, is a talented soundscapist and composer from Argentina, who has made a name for herself in the world of electronic music. Her latest work, "The Avatars," is a stunning ambient choral arrangement that seamlessly transitions into an IDM/experimental electronics track. The music is driven by a break-beat, hi-fi ghostly samples, ASMR nature sounds, and whispers, creating an ethereal atmosphere that will take you on a dreamlike journey.

Nait Saves' unique style is a fusion of cinematic electronic, organic glitchy ambient, and minimalistic "new classical" music. Her music is highly emotional, expressing her search for identity as a transgender woman, inspiring pride and courage to transform. Her music is a testament to her artistic vision, fighting for self-freedom through art.

"The Avatars" is a perfect example of Nait Saves' artistic talent. The track begins with an ambient choral arrangement of supernatural voices that creates a sense of mystery and otherworldliness. The voices gradually build up, drawing you in and immersing you in the music. Then, the track takes a turn, transitioning into an IDM/experimental electronics track, with a break-beat that drives the rhythm forward. The ghostly samples and ASMR nature sounds create an otherworldly soundscape, while the whispers add a sense of intimacy and emotional depth to the music.

Nait Saves' music is truly unique, and she draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Her music has been compared to that of Oneohtrix Pointnever, Arca, and Forest Swords. Her minimalist approach to composition and her use of electronic and organic sounds create a style that is all her own.

In conclusion, Nait Saves' "The Avatars" is a stunning piece of music that showcases her incredible talent as a composer and soundscapist. Her ability to fuse different genres and styles to create a unique sound is truly impressive. Nait Saves is a powerful voice in the electronic music scene, and her music is sure to inspire and transform those who listen to it.


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