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N$N Klippa - "Show Me Sumn"

Introducing "Show Me Sumn" by N$N Klippa, a powerful entry in the world of Rap and Gangsta Rap. Originating from Sacramento, Northern California, this track is a true representation of original mob music, resonating with the vibes of the region's rap scene. Fans of artists like Mozzy, Messy Marv, Acito, and Philthy Rich will find a familiar gritty and authentic sound in this release. N$N Klippa, formerly known as E.klips Da Hustla, brings over two and a half decades of experience in the music industry to this track. His roles as a producer, rapper, and engineer shine through in "Show Me Sumn," showcasing his multi-faceted talent. Signed to his own independent label, Mack-Town Entertainment, Klippa is a true embodiment of an independent artist driving his own career. "Show Me Sumn" stands out with its Southern rap influences, featuring a thick bassline and club claps that are characteristic of the genre. The production style and beat selection bring to mind artists like Tyga and Boozie, adding a unique twist to the track's Northern California roots. For those who appreciate rap music with a raw and original edge, this track is definitely worth a listen. Listen now.


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