Myoon - "Shining Light" Off Their Upcoming Album

Myoon is a French independent alternative pop duo, that I just recently stumbled upon, wasn't submitted to me but I just had to write about it, Two brothers creating catchy melodies on powerful electro sound, As they describe it. "Shining light" is the first track with vocals on their new album, First track with vocals on the project but they hit the nail on the head with this one. Myoon describe the single as a message of love, compassion and hope. The intro creeps in with a luscious pad that sounds in the distance with hi hats that phase left and right oh so nicely. The lead singers vocals come in so lush and fits right within the beat, definitely showing the duality of the group, you can hear both the instrumental and vocal cohesively. After the drop it turned out to be very reminiscent to the synth-pop, disco artist Roosevelt., it felt too much like home for me not to share it. Make sure to listen now.



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