Myles Lloyd Returns To Our Page With "Monster"

Myles Lloyd is an R&B singer from Montreal, Canada that we've recently covered but he returns to our page again with his new single "Monster". He's very reminiscent to artists like The Weeknd Roy Woods and Lil Spirit, “Monster” features a calm and collected beat with a swaying, falling melody that oozes a fresh, lustrous vibe. The lyrics detail a message of how some people bring out the best, or the worst qualities in us. “Monster” talks of that one person who made you feel something you've never felt before, reminding you to never take them for granted. Lloyd explains, “When you have something that makes you feel that good you need to hold onto it because at the end of the day happiness is everything. It's possible to get blinded by so many things in life but it's important to catch yourself and give praise and thanks to those who deserve it.” The single is a late night record for sure that you absolutely need to put on when you're pulling up on your beloved. Listen below!


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