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My_Kayla - "Dennis Rodman"

My_Kayla is an artist who merges the art of hip-hop and storytelling seamlessly to create feel good music and antidote-type tunes. She began making music at the age of 7 and has since honed her craft to deliver music that moves and speaks messages to her crowd. As Summer '19 begins, My_Kayla is set to release her first debut album, The 20th Summer, as an ode to storytelling, real life, and the melodies of a hip-hop Summer. The rapping is very reminiscent to Bia, and Cardi B we think. The instrumental is something hard and very reminiscent to a 21 Savage instrumental, or even 36 Mafia, with the haunting and repetetive piano that sets the cold tone. The hook is really hot with pointing out that Dennis Rodman, retired player known most for playing for the Chicago Bulls, was wild in his hay day and no one could tell him anything. Take a listen below.


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