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My Heart is a Metronome - "I Love You Always Forever"

Introducing My Heart is a Metronome with "I Love You Always Forever". The cover, which was released just 12 days ago, reimagines the classic with a modern twist, demonstrating the band's commitment to the love of music.

The cover’s conception is pretty much as organic as it gets, sparking from an out of the blue jam session. Mattis, the band's lead, was reminiscing on the tune during a bike ride and couldn’t resist bringing its "tiki-taki" guitar line into their rehearsal. Gustaf and Felix immediately caught on, leading to an innovative rework of the song's distinctive elements.

In their flip the single changes the script we think, they really show off what you can do in a cover if you remain yourself, and then they assign the catchy guitar motif to the bass, which injects an unexpected groove into the track. The guitar flows with its effects like delay, and reverb. The drums synchronize with the bass, driving the song forward with more emphasis than usual. The goal is to avoid a "boring" cover and they did just that, listen below now.


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