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Mvstermind With His Outstanding Track "OMW"

Mvstermind is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Saint Louis, Missouri who has been mentioned by the likes of Complex and Hip Hop DX as a rising musician set to pave his way in the music industry. Over the years he has commanded the crowds, sharing stages with Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott, Currency, Ab-Soul, G-Eazy, as well as performing at festival such as Loufest, A3C Main Stage, SXSW, Brooklyn's Beastie Boy Tribute show, MCA Day and much more. A modern day renaissance man, Mvstermind dons the titles of a self sufficient producer, rapper and sound engineer with much humility. Mvstermind’s musical style of hip hop is hard to categorize, fusing elements of soul, electronica, hip hop, trap and much more to create his very unique sound. Consider his sound as Mos def meets Travis Scott due to his "woke flows" that meets trap bass and autotune. Following his newest release "OMW" he projects a very booming sound that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the track with a upbeat tune leading onto his loud and bold vocals he completes this track fully. To explain what the track is about it's a Covidian Anthem, in some cities where curfew takes place and next thing you know your finding yourself jetting back to make it to your love, in other cases your finding out that your love one might be sick and you're on you way to nurse them back to health. It'a track that anyone could relate to dealing with someone you really like. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just at the beach during sunset to just vibe. Go stream "OMW" and check out his other amazing tracks.






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