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Moon and Bike - "Mythago"

Introducing Moon and Bike with "Mythago," a part of their second album, "Brave State." Rooted in the world of post-rock and folk-rock, Moon and Bike offer an auditory experience that draws comparisons to artists like Explosions In The Sky, North Americans, and Marisa Anderson.

Formed by Boone Johnson and Michael Swanson, the duo first met in Eugene, Oregon, during a trail work project. Bonding over their shared love for the guitar, they soon penned their first song, "Moon and Bike," which also inspired the name of their instrumental project. In "Mythago," Moon and Bike invite you on a journey through not only the richly-layered realms of their music but also through the twisting pathways of your own imagination. The single sounds like something that you would hear Post Malone sing on in all honesty. Listen below and relax now.


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