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Moodssupply - "Tenderness"

Moodssupply's single "Tenderness" is a smooth and funky neo-soul track that delivers a mix of amazing vocals and production reminiscent of Calvin Harris. Released by Rosevalley Records, the track is the Dutch studio's second release of 2023. The song's laid-back and sexy moods are perfect for summer and will surely get listeners in a relaxed state of mind.

Moodssupply's unique approach involves using studio musicians from all over the world to compose songs. Producer Mike Chandon creates lyrics and rhymes while also performing all male vocals, and sound engineer and producer Noah Bryce adds his magic during post-production and mastering to develop the signature Moodssupply sound. With a love for soul, funk, and disco, Moodssupply aims to create groove music that brings listeners joy and good vibes.


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