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Monsieur Leisure Presents Us His Newest Track "Fade Away"

Los Angeles, CA based artist Monsieur Leisure is a young genre blending artist who focuses on creating music at a melancholic frequency. Monsieur Leisure in his early stages he took on music production and writing. After that he explored into the digital world, here he began taking interests in photography, motion pictures and design. With all these skills going into play, he had lead up to his role as the Art director for a multi million dollar men's fashion brand. He bridges digital design with his sonic creations for a unified and visually stimulating brand story. His Lyrics are penned and shaped from his experiences through relationships, narcissistic tendencies and the ups and downs of drug experimentation.

Following his newest track "Fade Away" it's such a heart-felt track, the whole concept about the track is about "break ups that are hard to accept. It's about the things we do to cope, the time we spend reasoning with ourselves and figuring out attempts to get your signifcant other back. This track is truly something everyone can relate to, it has such a melancholy vibe to it but yet it can be comforting. The soft vocals and soothing beat just captures the whole feel of the track. Perfect for a late night drive. Listen to "Fade Away"!



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