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MONOLITHE NOIR - "Barra Bouge"

Introducing MONOLITHE NOIR with the latest single "Barra Bouge". Having passed through the inevitable rock groups and then departing into increasingly ambitious and conceptual projects, Antoine Pasqualini puts his expansive musicality to work in the service of Monolithe Noir. Monolithe Noir’s music is unpredictable by nature, surprising by choice, and escapes the hackneyed adjectives that segment our record collections. It draws on a myriad of influences: prog, ambient, electronica, folk, and even the hidden treasures of Italian library music. Their new LP Rin is out 8/22 via Capitane Records. The single to us is actually quite interesting, we're not totally in tune with the language mostly within the single but we were grasped by the intersting beat we think. The beat is something that when turned up loud we absolutely feel it in our chest. The production is something that is really grasping we think as well, the single is carefully crafted we think and something you just don't fall across to often. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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