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Moldhands - “adult swim”

Phonk musician Moldhands has released a new single, "adult swim," that has caught our attention with its dark, ambient sound and clear, in-your-face vocals. The beat of this single reminds us of early SpaceGhostPurrp, with a similarly eerie and atmospheric vibe.

Not much is known about Moldhands, as the artist has remained shrouded in mystery. However, their music speaks for itself, and "adult swim" is a standout release that showcases Moldhands' talent and style. The vocals are strong and powerful, cutting through the dense production with ease. The beat is hypnotic and immersive, with a sense of tension and foreboding that adds to the overall atmosphere of the track.

Overall, "adult swim" is a must-listen for fans of phonk and darker, ambient sounds. We look forward to hearing more from Moldhands in the future and learning more about this mysterious artist.


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