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Mitch Davis - "Let It Die"

Most folks know how much I absolutely love the vintage sounds of the past although I myself was born very late and could not truly expierence The Beatles, cearly. With Mitch Davis, we get the influence right away in the groovy instrumentals and drum patters combining with his absolutely luscious and relaxing vocals that absolutely fit within the single. Its plain and simple that the artist knows what he's clearly doing with his latest single "Let It Die". To even add on top of that, the artist music video looks like an LSD after thought on a friday evening. It's just fun, and you can't stop looking. Though he’s never had any formal musical training, Davis can not remember a time in which music wasn’t a part of his life. When it came time to make his own record, Davis says: “I was always hoping I could find a way to blend everything together and get away with doing a bunch of different genres all at once, because I don’t like dwelling on a certain sound.”


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