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Mitch Davis - "Hope That"

Introducing Mitch Davis today with his latest single "Hope That" Davis is a mainstay of the vibrant Montréal music scene, with a musical background encompassing everything from rock bands (Faith Healer) to avant-garde (Elle Barbara's Black Space) to jazz and hip-hop (Cadence Weapon). The Haunt is a synthesis of his many musical interests, stretching back to his childhood when he played drums in the church band and saxophone in his school band (he plays both on The Haunt.) The singer to us is simply a real one as the kids say. The instrumental choice and color of the whole track is beyond phenomenal. The only thing that is better than that is when the vocals are simply luscious and amazing as Mitch Davis' are. With a jazzy 70's feel really honing in on that sound we absolutely fall in love. Listen below.


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