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Minnesota Artist Tristan Price With "Ride Or Die"

Tristan Price is a pop-R&B/Hip Hop artist & songwriter, born and raised in Minnesota. He is followed by fans for his heartfelt sound that includes slow to up-tempo music that is sure to awaken an audience, move the crowd, romance the ladies and give guys an edge. He has performed live at countless major events alongside artists & groups, including Tyga, Jacquees, Mindless Behavior and more. His career has been inspired by artists such as Usher, New Edition, Baby Face and 112 by their music and successes.

His singles “Don’t Get It Twisted”, “Tell Me Where” and "Tonight” from his upcoming mixtape Midnight Love are now available on Apple Music. Tristan Price has a new sound that attracts fans and an overwhelming group of new followers. His goal is to be among the best R&B artists. Midnight Love, the mixtape, is about imperfect love, romance and lavish life styles. He has captivated listeners with his edgy lyrics and by detailing the good, the bad and the ugly in relationships. Expressing lyrically, that you truly don’t know what love is until you’ve been hurt by it. In his quest to have, what some believe is not possible as an artist, he looks to have it all, a successful career, love, and fame. The new artist on our radar is almost reminiscent to Lloyd. Instantly when I heard his record "Ride Or Die" I thought of "You" featuring Lil Wayne. Tristan can juggle with rapping and singing singlehandedly and fluently like it's his second language. At first listen again, he was reminiscent to the feeling of when I first heard Young Thug, You had to restart the track with a new expectation. During adlibs in the single, Tristan shows that he was truly raised by classic r&b. Check it out now.



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