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mild child - "i hope you make it out alive"

Columbus, Ohio based singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Ryan Liptak of the acclaimed melancholic indie-rap band Happy Tooth & Dug, is set to release his debut single as a solo artist, taking the name mild child. A grandiose indie pop anthem to sever toxic relationships to, “i hope you make it out alive” gives the listener permission to socially clean house and mentally take care over an evolving collage of synth pads and experimental production. Painstakingly crafted over an 18 month stretch, “i hope you make it out alive” aims to match bleeding emotional vulnerability with blistering technical prowess. To us the single is very reminiscent to Jai Paul, and a bit of mega star The Weeknds artist, Black Atlass. When it comes down to the beat it almost feels like to us, even though the artist has a beautiful and bright vocal, they've studied up on their style and choices of instrumental, and clearly doesn't attack just anything, it's calculated with mild child, and you have to respect it here with the single, listen for yourself! we hope to hear more.


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