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Mikey Sol x Alvin Tan "Moves"

Mikey Sol and Alvin Tan heat things up with their track “Moves”. The Northern Virginia artists curate a vibe that feels like taking a long walk on the beach with a loved one. The sultry R&B record is stocked with world sounds and Neo-Soul influences that create an intimate vibe. The musicians worked on the recent song for almost two years, and then decided to finish it up because Alvin is getting married. He pulled Mikey Solk aside one night and told him, he wanted to share this song with not only his soon to be wife, but also anyone who is really digging someone. The gesture is purely out of love and we greatly appreicate it, its not always that an artist is so mineful and doesn't just focus on themselves. We know because we see new artist and hear new music everyday. It's simply touching that this single is dedicated to a soon to be forever companion because thats exactly what it feels made to be. The single is beautifully song while there can be future improvment for the duo in collaboration here, the production is simply light and colorful. We hope you enjoy as much as we do, listen below.


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