Miggo - Feels Good

Introducing Miggo today with his latest single "Feels Good". Miggo wrote this song one year ago about a girl he was trying to pursue at the time, and has since been sitting on the completed song, listening to it over and over again for months, waiting for it to become stale, because he thought it was too personal to release. Now theres a new woman in his life, and while he was relistening to this song, he felt obliged to finally put it out. The single is absolutely luscious within the beat and its amazingly produced, but vocally, now you're talking about a whole different beast. Miggo handles it vocally and doesn't leave the listener for dead one bit, you're on the edge of your seat every second while listening to the writing. Truly listening which allows you to feel and further transcend with the sonics. (He called this a demo) we're just scared to see how Miggo sounds like when it's not demo time anymore. It's going to be amazing, take a listen.


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