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Midnight Void - "Battleground"

Buckle up, synthwave enthusiasts, because Midnight Void is about to take you on a thrilling ride through the shadows of sound. Their latest track, "Battleground," is a haunting masterpiece that falls under the genre of cyberpunk and darksynth. But don't expect any lyrics here; it's all about instrumental storytelling.

Midnight Void, as a project, is a celebration of the enigmatic, the eerie, and the exhilarating aspects of synth music. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres like synthwave, darksynth, EBM (Electronic Body Music), dark techno, industrial, and cinematic music, Midnight Void has crafted a sonic journey that immerses listeners in the mysterious depths of the night.

With influences as multifaceted as their music, Midnight Void's aim is crystal clear: to paint an auditory landscape that mirrors the desolation of empty city streets and the chilling specters of our darkest nightmares. Each note and beat is meticulously designed to evoke the ambiance of a dystopian metropolis and the haunting, cyberpunk-inspired tales that unfold within it.

So, if you're a fan of synthwave with a dark twist, Midnight Void is an artist to keep an ear out for. Their ability to conjure the eerie and captivating essence of the night, all through the power of the synth, is a testament to the creativity and versatility of electronic music. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sonic battleground of Midnight Void's world, where the dark side of the synth reigns supreme. Listen now.


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