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Michelle Ray Puts Us In Our Feels With "Tattoo"

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Michelle Ray is here with her brand new EP, Before U. According to Michelle, this collection of songs is "an ode to the relationships with guys and relationship with myself that I had before I met my husband, Ethan." Michelle Rays' recent singles slowly teased out this story leading up to the release of Before U. "Dear Hollywood" tackles what happens when dreamers actually make it to the promised land and the vibes are off. With "Bad By Myself" takes the struggle inwards; Michelle Rays' testimony to all the "bad guys" that she can be plenty bad without their help. This culminates in standout track and grandiose ballad, "Tattoo". It's a simple, sweeping arrangement that lets Michelle's vocals to be the solid ground everything else rests upon. She sings of the pain that comes from trying to change; eliminating a toxic relationship but never being able to full rid yourself of that love. The newest single is very reminding of Adele with the dramatic piano guiding the vocal to where it needs to be. Michelle Ray also shows off her dynamic range here as well with her clear vibrato, high notes and warm personal chest voice in the single as well, take a listen for yourself. To say that Michelle has been through some things must be an understatement because she's showing the world that she's human, she relates, and she's here to stay. Please listen below.



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